An Evening with Andrew Evans at the WHYY Center

From one Andrew to another!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to National Geographic Digital Nomad Andrew Evans’ presentation as a closing event of the Geological Society’s Geofest here in Philly. The ticket wasn’t cheap, and I am younger than the Geological Society’s member’s average age by about 60 years, but I love Andrew’s writing and really couldn’t resist the possibility of a nice evening out.

I’m a huge fan of Andrew’s because of the way he writes. On Twitter, he’s downright poetic. In a presentation he gave earlier this year at the Philadelphia Travel Show, he emphasized how important it is to be present in the moment, to create a scene. Now, I’m aware that Andrew writes for National Geographic, which for travel writers and photographers is the equivalent of maybe winning an Academy Award but like winning it constantly, every single working day. As you probably can tell from how much I (don’t) update my blog, it can sometimes take me months to process an experience. I went to Mexico City in July. It was probably life-changing, but I’m still working out my feelings.

Which is why I find myself drawn to Andrew’s work. He is someone who (yes, professionally) processes through his travels as we read about them. But here’s the thing; he’s also refreshingly human. He took a few minutes before his presentation to sit at my table and chat for a bit (I had let him know beforehand that I’d be there.) And, I am happy to report: he was in fact tired! Having just returned home from a three-week RTW followed by a conference in London, I recognized that look in his eyes – that look when you just want to go to bed and screw all this.

But the presentation! Pure bliss, to listen to those travel stories. For those who don’t know, Andrew Evans traveled from Washington DC to Antarctica – his dream destination, you know we all have one of those – by taking public buses. His story is rather famous, and you can read about it here. But I had never heard or read it, and I found myself listening, jaw-dropped.

It’s not true that the whole world has already been explored, Andrew says. Travel feeds you, but you can never get enough, Andrew says. Go without plans, Andrew says.

Challenge accepted.

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