For everyone who wonders why I want to move to South Carolina

This past weekend I went to Charleston for Halloween. I love Charleston, as much as I love all places that shut completely down when the white stuff falls from the sky (because it so rarely does). I don’t think I should apologize for loving hot climates. And for the record, I do not think that the “The bitter cold nights of Winter make you appreciate the warm, sunny greatness of Summer” is a valid argument. I don’t subscribe to masochism, and that applies to the “Four Seasons.”

So this weekend, my mom sent me this image from Pennsylvania:

Photo credit: Mom

And this is where I was when she sent it to me:

Later, my friend Samantha sent this photo from the Turnpike between Philadelphia and Harrisburg:

Photo credit: Samantha Sullivan

And here’s how I felt about being in South Carolina during the Grinch (er, Nor’easter) that stole Halloween:

I’m not sorry I missed the snow.

2 responses to “For everyone who wonders why I want to move to South Carolina

  1. I MADE THE BLOG!!! I can’t wait for a mid-January epic old city snow day complete with brunch, sledding, snowball fights, and mimosa snowcones, that makes you so happy that you write a post thats goes something like “This is why I will never move out of Philadelphia”. Mark my words. I’m so happy I made the blog 🙂

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