#FriFotos: Doors

Here’s an invaluable travel tip: If you ever decide to visit Paris, spend more than 10 days there. Spend months there. That’s the only way you’ll have any time to do anything.

Toward the end of our trip to Paris in 2010, we realized that we had more things to see than hours left until our plane left for America. By the time we made it to Père Lachaise Cemetery, burial site of 1 million bodies (including such notables as Sarah Bernhardt, Edith Piaf, and Oscar Wilde), we only had time to find one famous grave.

Jim Morrison died in Paris in July 1971. He was 27 years old and interred in Père Lachaise. He was the lead singer and lyricist for The Doors.

People have (had?) sex on that grave. They’ve thrown parties on it, graffitied it, and created “nuisances” so much so that the cemetery had to employ a guard (notably not present the morning we paid our tributes) to watch over Jim.

Truth be told, I did none of those things. Neither did my friends. But, judging from the fresh flowers and booze left on his final resting spot, Jim Morrison, lead singer and lyricist of The Doors, is still very much aDOORed. (Get that?)

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