Travel is the best education: Help send my teacher-friend’s students to Costa Rica!

I am the staunchest believer that travel is the best education.

Even the best teachers and the finest schools can not prepare you for that moment when instead of imagining, you are experiencing. This moment (or series of moments) can have the profound impact of truly changing you, for life.

This is my beautiful friend Allison, on our first trip to Costa Rica in 2008. Coincidentally this was her first trip abroad and as you can see it was challenging at first:


But then, the experience was completely rewarding:


She is the hardest-working and most passionate person I have ever known. She teaches high school math in one of the most challenging school districts in America. They come from low-income families and many of them have not even been outside of the state, let alone the country. But her students are so lucky. I only wish I had someone like Allison as my math teacher in high school.

Now, she wants to take her honors students on an educational trip to Costa Rica, and is trying to raise the money. I want to do whatever I can to help her because I firmly believe in the power of travel to change lives. It is a gift I wish I could give to everyone.

At the time of this blog post there are only +/- 30 hours left to donate to Allison’s students’ IndieGogo page. Please consider donating on the link below.


If you are reading this and the link is no longer active, but you’d still like to help, email me or drop a comment below.

Thank you so so so so much.

One response to “Travel is the best education: Help send my teacher-friend’s students to Costa Rica!

  1. Amanda, I live in Tamarindo, Guanacaste, if you were ever out here on the peninsula. I am the poorest gringo in this haven for wealthy retirees – one that has to work for a living. So, can’t help with the funds to get students here, no matter how deserving, but if they do get here I could surely hook your friend up with some help down here as far as tours, places to stay, etc. It’s the only way I can help. I used to teach in one of the worst areas of Cleveland, and I know how much such a trip would have helped broaden my students’ horizons and minds. I’m following your blog to hear more about how this all turns out. Good luck to your friend and those students.

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