What I’m Thinking About When I’m on the Super Shuttle From LAX to Anaheim

A timeline.

10:59 I am so sad that the Super Shuttle driver made me throw away my coffee. So sad. How will I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiive?

11:01 It’s actually 2pm on the East Coast. 2pm. No coffee.

11:02 I wonder if I’ll be the only business traveler in the van.

11:06 I am the only business traveler in this van.

A family from Mexico enters the Super Shuttle: a mom, a dad, and two young children heading for Disneyland. I overhear the girl ask her mother why our driver didn’t speak Spanish to them. The mother replies (in Spanish) that it is because they are now in the United States, and in the United States the people speak English.

11:08 I can actually understand this conversation being held behind me in Spanish! I really need to continue my lessons. It’s much easier to understand native Spanish speakers if they’re children. I wonder if I could enroll in some kind of child’s language school. Can a child be a teacher? Hmmm. I really want to go to Mexico. If I do, I will need to speak fluent Spanish. Actually, who am I kidding? Unlike this family, I can travel anywhere in the world and people will speak my language. That’s kind of sad. I kind of wish I could turn around and talk to this family, but that’d probably be embarrassing. I hope they enjoy their vacation.

11:11 I’m really scared I’m going to have to drive in LA traffic in a few days.

11:12 I hate traveling. I really hate this. Why do I think I love it? I hate it.

11:13 We’re on the freeway!!! Just like in Speed. But hopefully no bombs.

11:14 Stop checking your smartphone! You don’t have unlimited data Amanda…and what did people do before smartphones! They just looked out the window and enjoyed the scenery. Enjoy the scenery and don’t check your phone!

11:16 I just want to see what’s happening on Facebook.

11:17 I’m bored. I miss all my friends.

We pass a “Welcome to Orange County” sign.

11:17 “Welcome to the O.C., bitch!” Hehehe.

11:20 SO MANY PEOPLE come to California. Have been coming to California. Look at how they dress it up too: palm trees, sunshine… What drives people to go West? Keep coming West? The West is a thing, but I’m too tired to keep analyzing this in my head. Must reread Didion sometime.

11:24 Can I judge a wannabe actor who’s waiting tables in LA? I’m a failed everything. It’s so fitting that I’m here.

11:25 I’m never going to amount to anything.

11:26 Seriously though, every “True Hollywood Story” begins with the line “Penniless, they packed their bags and headed to California.”

11:27 I probably should have moved to New York right after college. I missed all of my chances.

11:33 I hope my hotel has AMC so I can watch Mad Men tonight.

11:35 Seriously though, Amanda, you need to make some moves soon.

11:36 I can’t believe Julie’s getting married next weekend!

11:42 Anaheim! “You used to be Mel Clark!” Why didn’t they let the Angels win the whole World Series in that movie? Why be satisfied with just winning the pennant? Poor little orphan Joseph Gordan-Levitt.

11:43 Man, Disney-vacation-culture is so weird. Here’s to Orlando, Part 2!

After sleeping through my 4:15am EST alarm to be woken up at 5:00am EST by the cabbie I had pre-arranged to take me to the airport, I was up for nearly 24 hours yesterday and had exactly 2 swallows of coffee. But, I made it to California. Just like the countless who have come before me.

3 responses to “What I’m Thinking About When I’m on the Super Shuttle From LAX to Anaheim

  1. Enjoy Amanda. It is raining back east. Remember, some of us never get to travel with or without coffee! Still time to move to New York. Look ahead not behind.

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