The Particular Chaos of Las Vegas Casino Carpets

Some in between my first trip to Las Vegas and right before my last, I came across this article (or some variation of it). I was already ALL TOO AWARE of casino culture: the woozy combination of no windows, no clocks, bountiful alcohol, strategically-placed chapels … and plush carpets. But what is really going on with those carpets? According to the article, they are purposefully designed to enhance confusion, and keep you gambling. Agree? Behold, the evidence:

New York, New York


The Golden Nugget

Mandalay Bay


The Venetian

The Mirage

The Bellagio

The Cosmopolitan

Bill's Saloon

Since conjuring up this blog post, I’ve been made aware that an artist by the name of Chris Maluszynski has accomplished this project much more eloquently. View his work here. As for me, I’d pick Tropicana for my home. Which would you pick?

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