#FriFotos: Lights

Step aside, Paris. Meet the real City of Lights, Hong Kong:

Every night at 8pm, Hong Kong at Victoria Harbor erupts in “A Symphony of Lights.” Laser beams pop off buildings and shoot into the sky. The skyline of the city-state, jam-packed with rushing bodies and busy industry by day glitters by night. The best part? Hong Kong may be one of the most expensive cities in the world but for the light show, you don’t need a ticket; you don’t need a reservation. Cap off a day of overstimulation in Hong Kong with what the Guinness Book of World Records names “The World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show.”

Check out A Symphony of Lights website from the Hong Kong Tourism Board for more information.

#FriFotos is a Twitter event founded by @EpsteinTravels. Search the hashtag every Friday to see photography from around the world illustrating the theme of the week.

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