#FriFotos: Up in the Air

The phrase “up in the air” usually signifies that something is uncertain. In fact, my friends and I have tossed around these words when we, as the anxiety-plagued mid-twenty-somethings that we are, talk about anything from our relationships to our careers to our weekend plans.

It’s so funny because when I started to look around for photos that could embody this #FriFotos theme “Up in the Air,” I did not see anxiety or uncertainty. I saw the athleticism of a Brazilian capoeira fighter and a Chinese acrobat. I saw my beautiful friend Jennifer framed by a flock of birds which seem to burst behind her in a rather theatrical way. I saw whimsical, boisterous energy. I saw hope. Being “up in the air” doesn’t need to mean that you’re falling. It can mean that you’re flying, or, at the very least (as Woody would say to Buzz) falling with style.

A Brazilian Capoeira fighter performs for a crowd in Salvador.

A portrait of Jennifer, India

A man in Qindao flies a kite from the comfort of his chair.

Chinese Acrobats, Beijing

Jumping for joy in Cuicocha, Ecuador

Have you ever looked at a plane in the sky and wondered "Where are you going?"

#FriFotos is a Twitter event founded by @EpsteinTravels. Search the hashtag every Friday to see photography from around the world illustrating the theme of the week.

*UPDATE: I’ve just realized that today (August 12, 2011) is my beautiful friend Jennifer’s 26th birthday. Happy birthday, Jen. I dedicate this post to you in remembrance of our time in India. I miss you everyday!

One response to “#FriFotos: Up in the Air

  1. And I always assume that up in the air means photos taken from a flight. I’ve literally never thought about those words having a different connotation. Until now! 🙂

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